japanese assembly

The Japanese assembly has given stern warning to a female Council Member who brought her baby to the debating chamber to stop the act.

The male-dominated Kumamoto city assembly, on Wednesday found Yuka Ogata responsible for disrupting the flow of a session as she took her son into the assembly hall which led to her receiving a written warning from a city assembly. The assembly’s rules do not allow a non-assembly member in this case the baby to enter the assembly floor during a session. Ogata, one of the six female council members among the 48-member municipal assembly, wanted to highlight the challenges women face in Japan. Male members forced the 42-year-old mother and her baby out of the assembly hall. She also faced a barrage of online criticism despite Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s pledge to create a “society in which all women shine.”

Ogata returned to the chamber soon after leaving her baby with her friend. Ogata, who has earned a master’s degree in conflict resolution from George Mason University in the U.S., said she has been asking the assembly office whether she can take her baby in since she became pregnant in 2016. She decided to walk into the chamber with her baby in her arms on Friday as she had not received a positive response.