Tambuwal storms Ekiti, promises dynamic leadership

Sokoto State Governor Aminu Tambuwal on Friday stormed Ekiti State to woo the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) delegates in the Fountain of Knowledge ahead of the October 6 presidential primary. Tambuwal, who is a PDP presidential aspirant, promised to give Nigeria dynamic and quality leadership if he wins the party’s ticket and the presidential election. The former Speaker of the House of Representatives said he has what it 1takes to preside over the affairs of a complex country like Nigeria given his pedigree and experience both in the legislature and executive.

Tambuwal said he was motivated to join the presidential race because of what he called the “poor performance” of President Muhammadu Buhari whom he accused of presiding over a divided Nigeria. He promised to accede to the demands of Nigerians who are demanding the restructuring of the country to allow for the practice of true federalism and correct the alleged lopsidedness in sharing of resources and political offices.

The aspirant urged the party members and the electorate to elect a “pan-Nigeria President” in the 2019 general elections saying an ethnic jingoist and a religious bigot is not suitable for the nation’s top job.